Do Both Parties Have to Pay for Mediation in Massachusetts?

Mediation is unequivocally the perfect solution for resolving family disputes with legal assistance. However, opting for a mediation lawyer in Massachusetts becomes a challenge when it comes paying for mediation costs, and deciding who is supposed to pay for mediation costs. Do both parties have to pay for family court mediation? What does Massachusetts mediation […]

Mediation in Separation, Divorce, & Co-Parenting Matters

Mediation is the legal practice implemented to re-unite the broken families. With increasing rates of divorce, and co-parenting issues in Massachusetts, now this service has expanded its expertise to help couples find a peaceful solution. We get many queries asking, “Do I need a mediator for separation? What is divorce mediation process? What to look […]

Family Mediation Lawyer in Massachusetts: How They Help?

What is Family Remediation? As the name suggests, the family remediation service works on the specific elements of relationship that might be responsible for causing conflict between families, or couples. Contrary to lengthy counseling, mediation aims to offer immediate answers that couples can use. These solutions are penned down either formally or informally, as part […]

Massachusetts Arbitration & Mediation Lawyers: An Insight

Arbitration and mediation are the two most critical aspects of Massachusetts law, where thousands of family cases are resolved each day. The latter option is considered to initiate a conversation and resolve family disputes within a private premise. However, when the situation turns awry, arbitration stands as a secondary solution. The major concern is, “Do […]